Your Sensational Kids


Inter-Agency Case Coordination

The Sensational Kids teams include professionals with a wide range of degrees, talents, knowledge, and hands-on training. We coordinate services that promote your child’s growth and development. We provide family support during the critical early years. We listen to you so that our program will meet your needs.

Each specialist works with the parents’ natural abilities, building on their knowledge and teaching new skills. This combination insures that parents will be able to give their children the benefit of a daily routine that includes new skills. Parent participation and education are the cornerstones of our team approach.

When you work with Sensational Kids, you have access to many developmental resources. One of the first things we do is evaluate your child’s unique needs. Next we coordinate the services necessary to provide your child the best possible program. Services may include physical or occupational therapy, vision services, language and speech development, nutritional education, and psychological support.

Parents work with a pediatric specialist so that they — and their children — benefit from timely research and new methods.

Sensational Kids works cooperatively with many agencies, as well as your health care provider, to identify the best services to benefit your child.

All specialists at Sensational Kids work together as a team. Each specialist educates our staff and the parents. The result — a cohesive plan of intervention to meet each child’s needs. By encouraging our specialists work together, we lay the groundwork for your child’s success.